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Cincinnati-based company wants to hire 3,000 veterans

Posted at 4:30 AM, Nov 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-10 06:37:22-05

CINCINNATI -- Eugenia Cleveland spent 11 years in the Navy, stationed in San Diego. 

The transition into civilian life was tough. She had several jobs.

"It takes time to wrap your mind around, 'you're a civilian now,'" she said. "It took me five years."

Now, Cleveland is enjoying working as a home health aide. She's not alone. New numbers indicate unemployment is down among former service members. 

A local company is looking to help drive that number down even lower. Home Helpers is looking for 3,000 more veterans like Cleveland.

"Our goal is really in 2018 to have this hire for veterans and military family dependents," Home Helpers CEO and President Emma Dickison said. 

The Cincinnati-based in-home care company says veterans have skills and experience they can use.

"Those traits are perfectly aligned with what we do in communities all over the country," Dickison said.

Home Helpers has a website to help vets find jobs through their initiative. But one group said finding jobs may not be the problem.

"Not unemployment, but it's underemployment," Dan Knowles, president and CEO of the Tristate Veterans Community Alliance, said.

Knowles said they try to show vets how to sell their experience and show employers how to recognize it.

"Most veterans have been exposed to and are used to working with a technology that, in many cases, are advanced to what they find in the civilian sector," Knowles said.