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Groupon changes cancellation policy

Posted at 4:50 AM, Dec 17, 2020

Popular digital marketplace Groupon has changed its cancellation policy after some people complained it was too restrictive.

Before, once you purchased something in the marketplace, you had 24 hours to cancel your purchase. However, some businesses changed their hours of operation or how many people the business could support at once thanks to the pandemic, so customers would be losing their money on these purchases.

Now, Groupon offers customers 72 hours to cancel any purchases, just in case. Even with the extended grace period though, some say it's still a good idea to call ahead and double check how a business is operating.

"Figuring out what the business looks like, have their hours been affected, are they temporarily closed because of Covid and if they are open it’s not a bad idea to call and see if they are honoring the group because so many businesses are being affected by Covid," Sara Kemerer, a Tri-State public relations specialist with the Better Business Bureau, said.