Santa Claus visited the Cincinnati Zoo

Posted at 10:56 AM, Dec 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-23 11:04:54-05

A few nights before Christmas, all through the zoo

Not a creature was up, not even for a late night chew.

All of the zoo babies were tucked in their beds with care,

With hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

Lucille slept hoping for a UC football jersey,

While Fiona dozed and dreamed of a book about her journey.

Their moms and their dads snuggled up to them for the night,

Not knowing St. Nick would be by soon for a wonderful sight.

Then with the sounds of his reindeer’s hooves,

All the animals knew that Santa Claus had arrived in the Cincinnati Zoo.

“Hello Audra and Lenore,” boomed the jolly old soul.

“I’ve got gifts for you all, and even the tiniest mole.”

Teddy bears, toy trucks, and fun boxes to stack,

Were just a few of the things Santa pulled from his sack.

He went to each animal passing out all the gifts,

And all the parents investigated with curious sniffs.

After inspecting the toys with care,

The parents said, “These toys are great, and there’s even some knitwear.”

The zoo babies rushed to the gifts they were given,

And the adults put on some fun holiday-themed linen.

While the animals had fun and enjoyed their good cheer,

Old St. Nick said, “Everyone was very good this year!

But now I must go, there’s still work to be done,

For my Christmas work has only just begun.”

So he climbed back in his sleigh, and with a wave of his hand,

Santa and his reindeer were heading back to their snowy land.

After he was gone, the parents let their babies run wild,

For you’re only a child for a very short while.

And the babies wore themselves out, some quicker than others,

Kris and Remus fell asleep on each other like brothers.

When the keepers saw all the new things the very next day,

They smiled 'cause they knew, Santa had been by in his sleigh.