Mother of Mercy school is gone, but choir keeps memories and bonds alive

Posted at 6:38 AM, Dec 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-06 11:00:31-05

CINCINNATI — In 2018, Mother of Mercy and McCauley High School merged to form Mercy McAuley High School. Some people were upset with the merger, but a group of Mercy alumnae formed a choir to share memories and bond over the good times they had at their school.

"There was a lot of grieving," Mary Beth Ellis Hunter, a Mother of Mercy, class of 1995, alumna, said. "We wanted to do something positive; something to celebrate Mercy instead of staying in the grief."

With the desire to make something positive out of what was happening, the Mother of Mercy Alumnae Chorus was formed.

"This was the best way we could manage to light a candle in the darkness and keep our traditions alive as well as keep our alumnae together," Hunter said.

Now, women from Mother of Mercy classes of 1965 through 2010 meet, practice and bond as a community in St. Dominic Church on Delhi Pike.

"It reminds you that it's the people that make up Mercy," Allison Hinkel Tonnis, a Mother of Mercy, class of 2007, alumna, said. "It can be a building, it can be experiences, but it's definitely the people that you were with then and the people you meet now."