Ohio to spend $4 million in efforts to curb vaping

Posted at 6:09 AM, Sep 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-11 06:09:26-04

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The Ohio Health Department says it will spend $4 million to help curb the use of vaping and e-cigarettes.

The agency said Tuesday that a little over $3 million will go toward creating and promoting resources that community groups and organizations can use to teach youth and others about the risks of vaping.

Another $800,000 will pay for public education campaigns for young people and parents about vaping and a law taking effect next month that raises the smoking age to 21.

The announcement comes as Ohio says 10 cases of severe lung illnesses in the state are likely due to vaping and 14 more cases are being investigated.

Federal health officials say they are looking into more than 450 possible cases in 33 states.