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Positively Cincinnati: Whoa baby! Meet 15 of the babies born this year to St. E maternity nurses

Posted at 5:26 PM, Nov 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-27 21:00:53-05

Some social posts grab your attention more than others.

Such was the case with a stream of posts that originated from St. Elizabeth Healthcare Labor and Delivery late this summer. They featured a picture of 16 pregnant staffers — many of them nurses. The folks there said the total number of expectant moms in that department over the last several months was 21 — not a small number.

“I felt like every time I came to work, a new name was added to the list of pregnant people," assistant nurse manager Jocelyn Laake said. "It is a blessing, but the business side of the brain asks, ‘How are we gonna staff this?'”

Employees who weren’t on maternity leave stepped up, and now some of those moms are coming back to work.

So, yes, the baby bumps have given way to babies. That’s why we asked St. Elizabeth to assemble as much of the group as possible, which was a challenge with family schedules, maternity leave and work schedules. But we still got to meet many of the adorable little ones: Jensyn, Priscilla, Waverly, Henry, Willow, Myles, Levi, Allie, Emerson, Jax, Mack, Brooks, Nellie, Evelyn and Caroline (via picture).

It was perhaps the cutest, most precious story I’ve had the pleasure of covering. And it comes at just the right time: Thanksgiving Eve.

“Everyone’s babies are healthy and happy," said Jax's mom, nurse Allie Janszen. "So definitely a reason to be thankful.”

We call it “21 Reasons To Be Thankful,” and we hope you’ll watch “Positively Cincinnati” at 5:30 and 7 tonight.