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Cincinnati singer Veronica Grim finds freedom in shedding genres on new album 'Chaos Magic'

'There’s Americana in there, there’s emo in there'
WCPO Lounge Acts - Veronica Grim
Posted at 9:00 AM, May 27, 2022

Veronica Grim has been singing her lungs out for some time, but with her latest album “Chaos Magic” she’s singing her heart out too.

The album is set to release Saturday, May 28 on all streaming platforms and will be celebrated with a performance at Fountain Square for their Spring Concert Series.

Grim has released music with rockabilly punk band Switchblade Syndicate as well as a country album under the name Veronica Grim and the Heavy Hearts.

Although it’s not her first album, “Chaos Magic” is her first album to be released simply as Veronica Grim. That nuance is one Grim finds liberating, calling the album “an evolution of not being trapped in any one creative space, any one genre, or any one box.”

It’s easy to see why Grim feels so restricted by genres. Her bold, sultry voice is as suited for outlaw country as it is blues rock, indie, or emo.

When Grim formed her band and started recording, she had that freedom in mind.

“Nobody came into it with the intent of making a record that had to be any one thing,” she explained.

“There’s Americana in there, and there’s absolutely emo in there. We talk about Heart and Blondie and the Stones…“, Grim said.

The songs on “Chaos Magic” are immersive and layered and Grim is quick to compliment her bandmates for sculpting that sound.

“I’m the least talented person in the band,” Grim joked.

For her WCPO Lounge Acts session however, Grim performed stripped-down acoustically with guitarist Michael Bustamante.

“I think that’s the test of a good song,” Grim suggested. “If you can do a version like that [on the album]… but also have it stand alone just the two of us.”

Veronica Grim album release with Alex Salcido and Hayden Kaye
Sat. May 28, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Fountain Square, 520 Vine St, Downtown