VIDEO: Zoo babies are back and cuter than ever

Posted: 6:00 AM, May 08, 2016
Updated: 2016-05-09 11:18:49Z

CINCINNATI -- From cute and furry to creepy and crawly, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is showcasing its newest members throughout the month of May.

Bonobos, takins, giant walking sticks, gorillas and emperor scorpions are just a few of the species featured with large pink and blue signs throughout the zoo for visitors to identify them.

While baby animals are born throughout the year at the zoo, this year's zoo baby season celebrates some of its recent "celebrity" births. The first being Bowie, a female little blue penguin born on Jan. 8, 2016, who made headlines for sharing a birthday with her namesake — late music icon David Bowie.

The zoo's three famous cheetah cubs were born prematurely in March via C-section and are still receiving critical care with help from nursery dog Blakely. A fourth cheetah cub was introduced to the nursery last month from Wildlife Safari in Oregon after his mother stopped producing milk for him. Blakely also took this cub under his wing and plays with him daily in the nursery.

There's a wide variety of zoo babies not to be missed this year.

Check out the photos and video below for a look at some of this year's additions.

Video: Zoo Baby season kicks off at the Cincinnati Zoo


Dale, a 275-pound male takin calf, was born on June 26, 2015. Emily Maxwell | WCPO

Little Blue Penguin

A female little blue penguin hatched on Jan. 8, 2016, made headlines after the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden named her “Bowie” after the iconic musician with whom she shares a birthday. Emily Maxwell | WCPO

Cheetah Cub

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden nursery staff is caring for three cheetah cubs born on March 8, 2016. Emily Maxwell | WCPO

Orphan Cheetah Cub

A male cheetah cub from Wildlife Safari in Oregon and born Feb. 25, 2016 was introduced to the zoo's nursery last month. Emily Maxwell | WCPO

Giant Spiny Leaf Insect

Giant spiny leaf insect babies at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s World of the Insect. Emily Maxwell | WCPO

Giant Walking Stick

Giant walking stick babies at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s World of the Insect. Emily Maxwell | WCPO


Bolingo, a male bonobo born on March 16, 2015, is one of two baby bonobos in the Jungle Trails exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo. A female, Kibibi, was born on Nov. 17, 2013. Emily Maxwell | WCPO

Western Lowland Gorilla

Western lowland gorilla Elle was born on Aug. 25, 2015. Emily Maxwell | WCPO

Emperor Scorpion

Baby emperor scorpions in the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s World of the Insect were born on March 25, 2016. Emily Maxwell | WCPO