Cincygram takes a look at the art deco designs in the Dixie Terminal

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Posted at 12:00 PM, Jul 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-15 12:00:08-04
Dave Schmidt

CINCINNATI — With its art deco architecture, Dixie Terminal at Fourth and Walnuts streets has one of the most beautiful interiors of any building Downtown. Dave Schmidt has captured some remarkable photos of the inside of the building for WCPO Insiders. Schmidt says it's his favorite place to shoot in the city.

Schmidt is the photographer for Cincygram. That's his incredibly popular Instagram handle. He has more than 33,000 followers on Instagram, where he focuses on the beauty this region has to offer.

Dixie Terminal is always a beautiful place to shoot photos

The classic art deco look on the ceiling leaves you breathless

Three floors open to the public during business hours

Visitors get a mysterious feeling while they're there

The view looking down is amazing

The long hallways inside the Dixie Terminal

The lighting and reflections make for interesting photos

Looking through a new perspective

You must go check out this art deco gem out