9 On Your Side's Dwayne Slavey's stills from around the Tri-State July 28th

Photos from Good Morning Tri-State Photojournalist
Posted at 2:43 PM, Jul 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-01 12:29:46-04
Dwayne Slavey

CINCINNATI — There's no doubt the Cincinnati is beautiful, and covering stories in and around the Queen City allows 9 On Your Side journalists to see the Tri-State from all different angles.

Here's a look at what photojournalist Dwayne Slavey, a news photographer for Good Morning Tri-State, has captured covering the news for WCPO.

You can follow Dwayne on Instagram and Twitter at @PhotogDSlavey. 

For Big Mac Monday, Dwayne captured the bridge in the midst of the sweltering heat on July 25. Photo: Dwayne Slavey, WCPO.

An early morning shot from Mt. Adams. Photo: Dwayne Slavey, WCPO.

Northern Kentucky's Ark Encounter, shot on July 5, two days before the attraction's opening. Photo: Dwayne Slavey, WCPO.

Finally, a way to make Cincinnati traffic look beautiful!Taken on June 30. Photo: Dwayne Slavey, WCPO.

A beautiful sunrise from the Roebling Bridge. Photo: Dwayne Slavey, WCPO

The Cincinnati Museum Center may be under construction, but Dwayne was able to capture its beauty anyway on June 14. Photo: Dwayne Slavey, WCPO

Sun peeking over the Mason Municipal Center on June 13. Photo: Dwayne Slavey, WCPO

What a BEAUTIFUL sunrise! Taken at the Roebling bridge. Photo: Dwayne Slavey, WCPO

Great American Ball Park looks perfect in this photo, taken on June 9. Photo: Dwayne Slavey, WCPO.