There are so many great 'mom stories' out there

Posted at 5:00 AM, May 08, 2016
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Mom stories.

Almost everyone has one. And, let's be honest; If you don't have one, you can probably make one up. Moms are kind of easy targets that way.

This year for Mother's Day, I was asked to get nine "momisms" from some people that work here so we could make a quick video. Then, Tasha gave me this answer:


All I could think was "OF COURSE Tasha's mother is sassy and funny. TASHA is sassy and funny!" I had to hear more about this obviously fantastic woman.

And the same went for the rest of the people I interviewed. Everyone had some kind of incredible mom-gem.

And so, I present to you: 'My mom lied and said she was pregnant to get me in that tent.' And other mom stories.

Chris Riva

Before becoming an anchor of Good Morning Tri-State, Chris covered sports. When the 2002 Olympics were held in Salt Lake City, Chris was elected to be one of the people to carry the Olympic Torch on its journey to the games. This memorable moment in his life, of course, included his mother.


And though Chris loves his mother, he admits that he provided her with a fair chunk of the ribbing and teasing that all kids give their mothers. Like how he could never really keep down the journalist inside him from asking for the whole truth.


But Chris' favorite memory of his mother was from Sunday dinners.


Meghan Wesley

My favorite part about talking to Meghan about her mother was finding out how her mom subconsciously showed her 'who run the world.' (That's a Beyonce reference for all you Moms out there — the answer is "Girls.")


That's a trick I'm probably going to steal.

Meghan also explained where she got the weird habit of playing with her mouth when she's angry. Now, when I see her do this in meetings, I'll know exactly what's happening.


And I'll know to stay away from her.

Rose-Ann Aragon

Roe was really excited to talk about her mother. She described her mom as her "twin," physically and mentally. And sweetly, Roe said that her mother is "the person that I aspire to be."


But every mom has that nerdy-cool mom side and Roe's mom is no exception.


I hope my kids love my inner nerd as much as Roe loves the one her mom has.

Max Alter

When Max first sat down to the interview, one of the first things that he said was "My mom curses like a sailor." I laughed.

I looked up and Max was dead pan. I stopped laughing. "Oh you're serious?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, dead serious."

Well then.

So Max told me the story of how that tradition started. And yes, it seems to have turned into a tradition.


Max's mom sounds like one incredibly good-natured individual (much like Max). She also provided the subject for one of my favorite stories from these interviews. The (now infamous in my mind) story of the midnight Xbox run.


I'm pretty sure this qualifies her for Mom-Level: Expert.

Julie Dolan

I'm not sure if it's a thing with TV news anchors, but they all seem to think that they are the favorite child. (see Chris Riva above)


To be honest, Julie was a really good sport during her interview. It's not easy being interviewed when you're used to doing the interviewing. I'll admit that this is EXACTLY how I would have reacted telling a story about my mother. (though I also know exactly where I get that from, and it IS my mother.)


Lucy May

Lucy is a phenomenal journalist. She also keeps a bowl of candy at her desk which is perpetually stocked — sometimes by others, sometimes by her. I think it's a testament to her tendency to take care of people. Something that is enforced by her 'momism': "If making me unhappy makes you happy, then I'm happy." Selfless, giving, caring. That is Lucy May.

Lucy is also wonderfully hilarious. Her take on almost any situation is nearly always spot on and devilishly funny. Like her assessment of her mother's plans for her and her sister.


And as we all know, moms are full of little tidbits of motherly advice. And Lucy's mother is no exception.


Steve Raleigh

Steve said lovely things about how his mom being equivalent to June Cleaver. Apron-wearing, cookie-baking, June Cleaver.

But somehow he managed to also peg her as the absolute authority on pigsties.


Kathrine Nero

When I started the interviews, I had to wait a couple of days before Kathrine was available, but Chris Riva told me that she would have great 'momisms.' Kathrine's mother is from Alabama and he told me that Kathrine does an amazing impersonation of her mother.

It did not disappoint.

Kathrine, like Chris, also covered sports early in her career. And thank goodness she had all this expertise in TV sports because her mother had some burning questions about the Olympic coverage one year.


Kathrine also shared some of her mother's other 'momisms.' It sounds like she had MANY.


After all these interviews, I feel like I know so much more about my co-workers. It felt actually a bit selfish that they don't know the same things about me. So, I will give you my momism.

Libby Duebber

When I was growing up, my mom always told me "Love big, lose big." Which kind of sounds like a warning to guard your heart and your emotions, but it's actually the opposite. It's a reminder to love big because it's not worth it to do things any other way. To approach life half-hearted is no way to live. This is how my mom lives her life. She loves BIG. Really big. With a fierce, fiery kind of love. It's kind of awesome.

But "love big, lose big" is also a reminder that sometimes life is going to suck. When you lose, you lose big. And that's ok. That's life. The love will come back.

So thanks for the momism, Pammy P. It's served me well my entire life.

I don't care what anyone else says, YOU are the best mom ever.