It's true: Wine ice cream now available

Posted at 11:08 AM, Jun 02, 2016

Have you ever thought of combining your two favorite things? Of course you have. We all have. Otherwise, ingenious foods such as root beer floats or deep fried Oreos wouldn’t exist.

But, what about combining wine and ice cream? Sounds amazing. But it also seems downright difficult, come to think of it.

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Well, alcoholic ice cream, with about the same alcohol percent as a glass of wine, now exists. So, you can rejoice in the fact that someone else has thought of this and tested just how to make it perfect.

A brother-sister duo, Dan and Katie Gorham, have found just the right ingredients to pull it off. It takes some fruit, sugar cream, wine and a little liquid nitrogen to bring this alcoholic treat to life.

It wasn’t easy to get the boozy frozen treat to just the right consistency, and that’s where the liquid nitrogen comes in. According to Food & Wine, that’s the only way to get the ice cream to freeze just right.

If you’re craving a scoop (or two) of this right about now, I certainly can’t blame you. According to Food & Wine, Winecream is currently available at certain festivals and private events, but the company is looking to expand.

Liquor stores in the Baltimore and D.C. area would be the first to get the product, but selling online is a goal for the company.

So, fingers crossed that this boozy dessert will be sold at a liquor store near you in the near future. Otherwise, I’m seriously thinking this might be worth a road trip. Aren’t you?