How this four-legged teacher is passing on valuable lessons to kids in Virginia

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Posted at 2:58 PM, Nov 12, 2021

LOUISA COUNTY, Va. — There is a teacher with four legs helping students in Virginia.

Louisa County Sheriff's Office Lt. Patrick Sheridan will tell you a K-9 like Allie can teach students valuable lessons.

At Revillians Elementary School, she’s teaching children with special needs.

"If there is a situation where they become lost, we explain to them about what they should do in the woods,” Lt. Sheridan said. "We explain to them what would happen if a police K-9 gets close to them and finds them. They don't have to be scared. They are their friends."

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Allie is a 3-year-old bloodhound who has already been on 250 calls for service.

She recently helped save the life of a child on the autism spectrum.

Allie found the child alone in the woods and hugging a tree.

"What I did was let the child spend time with Allie. And I said, 'Hey, do you want to walk Allie out?' And the child said, ‘Yes,' and he got the lead. I was behind them, and Allie walked us out of the woods."

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These kinds of visits can also help students be calm, help them focus, and increase their ability to concentrate and learn.

People often turn to pets in times of emotional stress as a source of comfort.

Lt. Sheridan is just happy to teach the kids how important Allie can be for them.

"We did a grid search, a crime scene. They found an article of clothing for a missing student and then Allie was given that article. And she got to do a demonstration and show them how she works. And she found the student," he said.

This story was originally published by Rob Cardwell at WTVR.