WHO officials release first 'digital health' guideline

Posted at 9:20 AM, Apr 17, 2019

Consulting with experts around the globe, the World Health Organization has created digital intervention guidelines it says are essential for health.

The first was released today and includes "10 ways that countries can use digital health technology."

"Health systems need to respond to the increased visibility and availability of information," WHO says in the guideline.

WHO aims to encourage policymakers and implementers "to review and adapt" to use digital tools to drive tangible changes in regard to patient data and privacy.

"Health workers need adequate training to boost their motivation to transition to this new way of working and need to use the technology easily," WHO says. "The guideline stresses the importance of providing supportive environments for training, dealing with unstable infrastructure, as well as policies to protect privacy of individuals, and governance and coordination to ensure these tools are not fragmented across the health system."

Read the full digital intervention guideline on the WHO website, where it also provides links to its Digital Health Atlas.