From The Vault: Watch Katelyn Markham's tragic story in video from WCPO newscasts

Posted at 9:06 AM, Aug 11, 2016
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FAIRFIELD, Ohio - "What happened to Katelyn Markham?"

That question has confounded us for five years.

Then the question changed to "Who killed Katelyn?"

And five years later, police say they still haven't identified a suspect, much to the sorrow and frustration of her father Dave, who has complained that Fairfield police bungled the case.

Hundreds of people joined organized searches for the 21-year-old Fairfield woman in the weeks and months after she disappeared in August, 2011, and thousands of Tri-Staters prayed she would come home safe. But all hopes ended 20 months after Katelyn vanished, when the skeletal remains of the vivacious art student were found in a wooded area in rural Cedar Grove, Indiana, 30 miles away.

WCPO has put together this "video history" of Katelyn's story from newscasts:

April 10, 2013: Police announce Katelyn's remains have been discovered.

Hours after learning of his daughter's death, an emotional Dave Markham gives an exclusive interview to WCPO anchor Clyde Gray:

The man who found Katelyn's remains says he was scrounging for scrap metal in a dumpsite when he found some of her bones. He describes what he saw:

Tearful searchers, family and friends gather to mourn and pray for Katelyn:

Katelyn's fiancé, John Carter, who lived with her, wouldn't speak on camera, but WCPO replayed a brief interview from the days after she vanished from their apartment.  Carter was the last person known to see her alive, according to Fairfield police, but they said he is not a suspect.

April 18, 2018: Katelyn's father, family and friends gather for a "celebration of life" at Harbin Park, one of her favorite places.

Aug. 9, 2013: Dave Markham says "I have my theories" and discusses Katelyn's case in an exclusive interview with WCPO I-TEAM reporter Jason Law. He reveals that the Indiana State Police has taken over the investigation.

Aug. 25, 2013: Katelyn's funeral is held at her alma mater, Fairfield High School. The room was full of bright colors she loved so much. Carter spoke in front of the crowd and called her the love of his life.

"We would've had our kiss, we would've had our marriage, we would've had our honeymoon, we would've had our kid, we would've had our life and we would've grown old together," Carter says.

Dec. 18, 2015:  With the investigation back in the hands of Fairfield police, Katelyn's father asks the Butler County sheriff to take over. A private investigator hired by Dave Markham says evidence untested until now could lead to an arrest.

August, 2016: A filmmaker says he has made a one-hour documentary about Katelyn's case in hopes of helping identify her killer.

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