From The Vault: Going, going, gone: Watch Cincinnati icons demolished and imploded

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Posted at 8:20 AM, Sep 07, 2016
and last updated 2019-12-20 15:13:28-05

CINCINNATI – Going, going, gone.  Another Cincinnati icon bites the dust starting this week.

We're about to add the Pogue's Garage (and the late, great department store chain's name) to the list of demolitions in Cincinnati history. You might remember the spectacular implosions of UC's Sander Hall in 1991 or Cinergy Field in 2002. If you're older like me, you might recall watching the old C&O Bridge dynamited into the Ohio River, or Crosley Field and the Union Terminal Concourse demolished in the 1960s and 70s.

To mark the occasion, we invite you to watch video of these significant events (so you know, the older videos aren't narrated but there is raw sound):

The Old Chesapeake & Ohio Bridge (Watch the video in the player above)

Built in 1888, it was the first railroad bridge across the Ohio River between Cincinnati and Covington.  When it became obsolete by the 1930s, a new bridge was built next to it and the original bridge was converted to automobile traffic. As you can watch below, the automobile bridge was dynamited in 1970 (blown up in three sections) as thousands watched from the riverbank. The Clay Wade Bailey Bridge was built on its piers.  

Crosley Field

The Reds' home from 1912 to 1970 endured a year of disrespect as a city impound lot before it was demolished in 1972.

Union Terminal Concourse

During its heyday, the grand Art Deco terminal could handle 216 trains per day. By 1972, it only serviced two, and the concourse was demolished to make room for freight trains in the railyard behind it.

UC's Sander Hall

On June 23, 1991, the 27-story dorm became the tallest building in the U.S. to be imploded and the second tallest in the world, officials said. By some accounts, blowing up Sander Hall was the best thing that happened to it. SEE our "From the Vault" story.

Cinergy Field

It only took 37 seconds for three decades of Reds and Bengals history to go up in dust and smoke on Dec. 29, 2002. SEE our "From the Vault" story.

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