Fun vibe makes Longworth's a go-to destination

Posted at 5:00 PM, Jan 26, 2016

Seth Walsh and Erin Hinson have been asking people, “What’s your favorite thing to do in Cincinnati?” Whatever the answer is, they do. This is one of their adventures.

Sometimes there are spaces that instantly call out “Cincinnati” to you. Whether it is the community, the architecture, the name on the building -- or in Longworth’s case all three -- we instantly add those spaces to our list and then #UnlockCincinnati.

Erin: Many of the recommendations that come in are for bars -- specifically bars in Mount Adams. (Mount Adams has many bars.) Our friend Mike recommended Longworth’s, and a short time later another friend, also named Mike, hosted an event there. We’re not opposed to double-dipping, so we headed out to #UnlockCincinnati and see an old friend.

Seth: Parking in Mount Adams at night can be difficult, as it’s a popular place to go. If you are driving, the parking garage on St. Gregory Street usually has spaces. I’ve only used it once, though, as I usually just circle the streets until I find a spot. Don’t forget to put your parking brake down when you leave because it is very hilly!

We encourage you to use a ride-share program, like Uber or Lyft, if you will be drinking. It’ll save you the hassle of trying to park, too, so it might be worth using one of them regardless of whether you plan to drink or not. 

Erin: Longworth’s is named after Nicholas Longworth, a prominent Cincinnatian who was once the Speaker of the House of the U.S. House of Representatives. He was also from Mount Adams.

Among his many accomplishments, he is possibly best known for marrying the daughter of President Theodore Roosevelt. Lesser known is that his contributions to Fire Company No. 15 kept the company active until the 1920s. Why does that matter? Because Fire Company No. 15 is where Longworth’s sits in Mount Adams today.

The building was appropriately called Longworth’s in appreciation for the work and contributions he made to the Mount Adams community. 

Seth: Longworth’s is the type of environment where you can go to enjoy the bar atmosphere, hear live local music or have a good time with friends.

While we were there, several fun things happened. Erin decided to go scrounge up a deck of cards, and when the bartender came up empty, a friend purchased a pack next door. The three of us crowded around a table and started to play a random card game. Not long afterward, the number of players had doubled in size. Neither Erin nor I won, but we’ll take it.

Our friend also realized that the musician playing at Longworth’s when we arrived was a former student of his. How cool is that? Longworth’s lets you have the opportunity to experience up-and-coming talent while enjoying a night out with friends -- even if it is just playing cards around a table.

Why go: Longworth’s has history brimming in its walls. We thought when we were there that it was a cold evening (50 degrees -- ha!) and thankfully there was a fireplace to crowd around. That alone made the trip worth it. Longworth’s has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a crowd or just a couple of drinks and great conversation. 

Address: 1108 St. Gregory’s St., Mount Adams
Price: Most items under $10
Parking: On-street parking and garages
Time commitment: 30 minutes to several hours
Pair it with: Fountain Square

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Seth Walsh is passionate about Cincinnati. He spends much of his time working in the community as the executive director of the Sedamsville CDC and project director for the CDC Association. In his spare time, he travels Cincinnati to find the hidden gems he has too often overlooked.
Erin Hinson is a strong believer in local business. She was the youngest participant ever in Xavier University’s X-LAB Business Accelerator Program and has since started her own social media marketing firm. In her spare time, she is an avid gardener and fitness champion.