Serious Eats editor names his 'Cincinnati 10'

Posted at 4:33 PM, Mar 01, 2016

CINCINNATI — Ten Queen City locales received a shout-out Tuesday on the food-and-drink website Serious Eats.

Serious Eats senior features editor Keith Pandolfi, a Cincinnati native, recommended people check out eateries ranging from Arnold’s Bar & Grill to Orchids at Palm Court while visiting Cincinnati. Pandolfi’s story was part of the new “Serious Eats 10” series, which asks experts to “pick out 10 downright delicious eating and drinking experiences in their favorite cities or towns.”

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Keith Pandolfi

Foodies may remember Pandolfi for his glowing write-up of the Queen City in Saveurin July 2015, when declared Cincinnati to be “the next big food city.” Around the same time, he also gave Covington German restaurant Wunderbar kudos in the Wall Street Journal for its beer cheese. Then in September he came to town as an expert panelist for the Food + Wine Classic.

For Serious Eats, Pandolfi mentioned Over-the-Rhine as an epicenter for Cincinnati’s culinary resurgence, while also citing the city’s history as a place for good food and drinks.

“Cincinnati has always been a stunner in terms of its culinary prowess,” he noted. “It was once home to more five-star restaurants than my current home of New York City."

Pandolfi's recommendations include:

  • A pint at Arnold's
  • A three-way at Skyline Chili in Clifton
  • Dinner at Orchids
  • Grilled octopus at Abigail Street in Over-the-Rhine
  • A weeknight supper at Salazar in Over-the-Rhine
  • A chocolate malt at any United Dairy Farmers
  • The Glier’s German Greats breakfast at the Echo Restaurant in Hyde Park
  • A visit to Findlay Market in Over-the-Rhine
  • A hanky panky at The Rookwood in Mount Adams
  • A drink at Taft’s Ale House in Over-the-Rhine

The author said it was difficult to pare a list of 20 places he would recommend to visitors down to his final picks. WCPO Insiders can read more of his recommendations here. 


Read Pandolfi's full write-up here.