Make your own ugly Christmas sweater, for cheap

Posted at 5:08 AM, Dec 18, 2015


Those who have jumped on the ugly Christmas sweater bandwagon can wear one proudly Friday, is it's officially deemed  National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day.

There's been no shortage of ugly Christmas sweaters, as they've increasing become more popular over the years. So we're here to help you embrace this fun day with a simple tutorial on how to create your own memorable, one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art. 

Let's talk about this gem of an ugly sweater. I made it last year for our office Christmas party, and it was coined the UGLIEST of all here at 9 On Your Side. I received a lot of confused looks -- a lot of "Where did you get that? I've never seen anything tackier," and "WAIT, you MADE that?!"  

I proudly would answer, "Why yes, yes I did make this and even better -- for under 10 bucks."

So now it's your turn. This simple will have you rocking an ugly sweater in no time - bragging to your friends and co-workers about your newly made piece of art that can grace social media for years to come.  



To start, double check that bin you store your Christmas decorations in. Maybe you have a few fake flower pieces that didn't make their way out. 

Then you'll want to think outside that box. Have an abundance of candy canes? Use 'em on your sweater! 

Take a glance at your tree. Do you see something that could be retired or perhaps repurposed for the greater good of tackiness? Then by all means, set it aside for the greater good of your ugly sweater.

NEXT: You'll need a hot glue gun and an arsenal of hot glue sticks. Let's not forget, you'll need a sweater too.

I picked mine up for $2 at a Salvation Army, but you might even have one that you think will do the trick.

If you do happen to be shopping for that perfect sweater, don't forget to swing by the aisle of decorations. That's where I spotted the broom and the plastic cookie tray -- which I both scored for under a dollar. So really, you could easily make this for under $10 if you do it right. 



Now for the fun part.  If you're a planner, then you might want to lay out all of your Christmas decor on the sweater before gluing it. But if you're anything like me when I started this creation, I heated up the glue gun and went full force with no particular rhyme or reason.



Be generous with your glue. You don't want to have your decorations falling off an hour into your day.

The more the merrier. Think you have too much going on? Nah. Keep adding that that glitter and festivity. That's what will really make your sweater stand out from the crowd. 

Take another closer look:


Done? Awesome! Don't forget to send us your pictures. On behalf of National Ugly Sweater Day, we hope you'll  be rocking one of the best ones around.

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