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Krispy Kreme Celebrates Spring With New Egg-Shaped Mini Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme Celebrates Spring With New Egg-Shaped Mini Doughnuts
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Spring is in full bloom at Krispy Kreme, where the doughnut shop is celebrating the season with their first-ever spring collection of filled mini doughnuts.

The Spring Mini “Egg” Doughnut collection includes four small doughnuts shaped and decorated like Easter eggs. A fan-favorite from last Easter, the Mini Chick Doughnut is returning, along with three new hand-decorated doughnuts: the Mini Chocolate Egg, Mini Cake Batter Egg and Mini Strawberries & Kreme Egg.

The Mini Chocolate Egg Doughnut is an unglazed shell filled with chocolate Kreme, dipped in chocolate icing and drizzled with light sky-blue and yellow icing stripes. The Mini Cake Batter Egg Doughnut is similar, but filled with cake batter Kreme, drizzled with three light sky-blue stripes and dipped in mini pastel nonpareils sprinkles.

Strawberry fans should enjoy the Mini Strawberries & Kreme Egg Doughnut, which is an unglazed shell filled with white Kreme, dipped in strawberry icing and sprinkled with pastel sequins. The most-decorated of the four, the Mini Chick Doughnut is filled with white Kreme, dipped in yellow icing, then half-dipped in white sanding sugar. It’s then decorated like a chick with yellow, orange and chocolate icing.

The doughnuts are available in a custom, basket-inspired 16-count box that includes four of each doughnut from now until Easter, which takes place on April 17 this year.

Krispy Kreme spring doughnuts
Krispy Kreme

If you don’t have a Krispy Kreme near you, you’ll find a handful of other Easter treats at grocery stores nationwide so you can still get your holiday sugar rush.

Dunkin’s iced coffee-flavored jelly beans are back for the season and Peeps has created two kinds of coffee-flavored chicks, while Hershey has Whoppers Bunny Tails and Cookies ‘N’ Creme Polka Dot Eggs. You’ll find Hershey’s Kisses Milk Chocolates with Vanilla Frosting Flavored Creme, which are wrapped in cute plaid foils and filled with creme that tastes like vanilla frosting.

If you’re looking for some other new treats to celebrate spring after Easter, Fanta has a new Dragon Fruit flavor, while Coca-Cola has added a mocha flavor to their coffee lineup. There is now a spiked version of Simply Lemonade and you can buy all kinds of new flavored popcorn, from Cocoa Puffs to Doritos Nacho Cheese.

And to kick off some nostalgia vibes for the warmer weather, The Icee Company has launched Icee Crème Filled Sandwich Cookies at Kroger. The cookies feature either Cherry- or Blue Raspberry Icee-flavored crème between two vanilla wafers.

The ICEE Company

Which spring treat are you most excited to try?

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