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iPhone 12 sales banned in France because it emits too much radiation

A French government agency issued a recall order for the iPhone 12 after it failed a test for electromagnetic waves that the body can absorb.
iPhone 12 sales banned in France because it emits too much radiation
Posted at 4:39 PM, Sep 13, 2023

Apple is pushing back against an order to stop selling the iPhone 12 in France.

French regulators claim the device exposes people to electromagnetic radiation levels above European Union standards. However, Apple says the phones do comply with EU regulations.

"Apple must immediately take all measures to prevent the affected phones present in the supply chain from being made available," the National Frequency Agency said on Tuesday. "For phones already sold, Apple must take corrective action as soon as possible to bring the affected phones into compliance. Otherwise, it will be up to Apple to recall them."

According to the agency, it recently tested 141 cellphones and discovered that the iPhone 12 exceeds the EU standard of 4 watts per kilogram for electromagnetic energy absorption when held or carried, measuring at 5.74 watts per kilogram.

Officials say they will force Apple to recall the phone if the issue isn't resolved.

"Apple is expected to respond within two weeks," Jean-Noel Barrot, France’s minister in charge of digital affairs, told local news outlet Le Parisian. "If they fail to do so, I am prepared to order a recall of all iPhones 12 in circulation. The rule is the same for everyone, including the digital giants."

For now, Jean-Noel Barrot has confirmed that the sale of iPhone 12 has been halted "in France until Apple offers an update for all affected devices."

In response, Apple says that the iPhone 12 is certified by multiple international entities and meets global radiation regulations, according to the Associated Press. Additionally, the tech giant says they have shared various lab results, including third-party tests, with the French agency to confirm compliance.

This news comes as Apple announces its new iPhone 15 lineup. 

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