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Inflatable ‘snowmobile’ Sled Seats Two For Winter Fun

Inflatable ‘snowmobile’ Sled Seats Two For Winter Fun
Posted at 7:30 AM, Oct 24, 2020

Summer’s over, but before you lament packing up your pool floats for the winter, consider this: What if you had the winter equivalent of your favorite wacky pool float for sliding on snow?

Funboy, a company known for some pretty amazing pool floats and sprinklers, now has a winter collection full of inflatable sleds, sleighs and snowmobiles. Even if you prefer beaches to snow, there’s no denying that these inflatables promise to make winter‘s snowiest days tons of fun.

The retro-inspired collection of snow accessories from Funboy is on sale now, with prices ranging from $38-$169. Shipping is free on all continental U.S. orders of $149 or more.

Here’s a closer look at just some of the items in the collection:

Inflatable Snowmobile

Funboy’s inflatable snowmobile sled pays homage to classic snowmobiles from the 1970’s retro ski era. Made with ultra-thick material and a reinforced rubber base with directional grooves so you stay straight when going down hills, it can hold up to 250 pounds. For ages 14 and older, a single snowmobile costs $99, while a two-pack costs $169.


Alpine Winter Sleigh

This inflatable winter sleigh holds two riders and up to 250 pounds. Also for ages 14 and older, the sleigh has handles on both sides and is sold as a single unit for $99, or you can get two for $179, a $19 savings.


Oversized Snow Tubes

If you prefer a good old-fashioned inner tube for your sledding, Funboy has two for you to choose from. At $49 for one or $89 for two, you can go retro with red and white plaid or choose a snowflake pattern. Each snow tube holds one person, up to 150 pounds.


Ultimate Inflatable Toboggan

If you need something you can ride with children, this inflatable toboggan is designed for up to one adult and one child. It holds 150 pounds and costs $59 for one or $109 for a pair of toboggans.


Inflatable Shotski

While this inflatable shotski isn’t something you ride on, it might be something you need after a fun day in the snow. The 6-feet long inflatable lets you put your favorite shots inside so you and three friends can all take the shot at once. It comes with four shot glasses and fits right in your pocket when deflated.

Currently, only the two-pack is in stock, for $38, but you can get just one shotski when they’re back in stock by Dec. 3.


Are you looking forward to some outdoor winter fun this season?

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