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This Chef’s Simple Avocado Storage Trick Maximizes Freshness

This Chef’s Simple Avocado Storage Trick Maximizes Freshness
Posted at 10:40 AM, Mar 04, 2022

You’re craving some avocado toast or some guacamole, but when you reach for your avocado you sadly discover it’s gone bad. Avocados are tricky fruit, because there’s a small window when they are at their peak ripeness — and ideal for eating — but they rot quickly after they hit that point.

In our never-ending quest to find ways to prolong the usefulness of the delicious and nutritious avocado, we have researched and shared a variety of ways to maximize an avocado’s freshness.


But recently, a viral TikTok video from a chef shared two simple ways to store avocados safely and keep them ready to use in your favorite recipe for a little longer. The video is in Spanish, but Heinz Wuth (@imchef7) of Ciencia y Cocina demonstrates the techniques clearly, so the language barrier is not an issue.

In his first demonstration, Chef Wuth cuts an avocado in half, submerges the cut fruit flesh side down in the water and stores the dish or bowl in the fridge. We shared a similar hack with talk show host Kelly Ripa’s tip for keeping her guacamole fresh by adding half an inch of water to the completed guacamole.

“I know it sounds crazy, but you put it in the fridge, and it prevents oxygen from entering and browning,” she said in the segment. “The water won’t soak in, you can just dump it off the top.”

Chef Wuth’s video shows the submerged avocado in an air-tight container still maintained its freshness and color after two days in the refrigerator.

At the same time, Wuth took another avocado, cut it in half, and covered it with a damp paper towel in an air-tight container.

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While the submerged fruit definitely looked fresher and more appetizing, the damp paper towel did the job well, too, and Wuth concluded both methods were effective to keep your avocados safely ready to eat 48 hours after cutting into them. His video, from mid-2021, went viral with more than 2.2 million views.

Over on Facebook, a woman who recently tried submerging her whole, uncut avocados claimed it kept the fruits fresh for four whole weeks. Lisa Couch Williams’ post also went viral, with 29,000 comments and 191,000 shares.

Have you tried this method to keep your avocados fresh?

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