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You could get paid $1,000 to watch iconic ’90s rom-coms

You could get paid $1,000 to watch iconic ’90s rom-coms
Posted at 7:10 AM, Nov 04, 2021

If you’ve ever felt a twinge of guilt about your laziness when a streaming app asks if you’re still watching, take note: there’s a new opportunity that could allow you to earn money for your binge-watching habits.

Jewelry website Shane Co. is looking to pay someone $1,000 to binge iconic ’90s romantic comedies.  The perfect rom-com fanatic will need to analyze the love stories, breakups and plot twists, too.

In addition to a $1,000 paycheck, the chosen applicant will also receive a $50 Amazon Prime gift card to rent movies like “Pretty Woman” and “Sleepless in Seattle.” You will have about three weeks to watch the complete list of 10 films.  This might seem like a lot of movies in a short time for some people — but if you’re a true binge-watcher and rom-com lover, it’s definitely doable.


The perfect binge-watcher for the job must have an obsession with romantic comedies, a love for “all things cinematic” as Shane Co. says, and the ability and availability to watch 10 movies in the time allotted.

Here are the 10 movies you’ll be asked to watch:

  • “Pretty Woman”
  • “10 Things I Hate About You”
  • “Never Been Kissed”
  • “Clueless”
  • “There’s Something About Mary”
  • “Sleepless in Seattle”
  • “My Best Friend’s Wedding”
  • “You’ve Got Mail”
  • “Runaway Bride”
  • “Notting Hill”

Along with watching the films, you will be asked to take notes and track specific details in each of the movies, so even if you’ve seen them before, you will have to watch them again to fulfill the requirements.

If you’re interested,  you can apply by visiting Shane Co.’s website. Simply tell them why you’re the perfect person for the gig, keeping in mind that your level of love for rom-coms will be a strong factor in who gets chosen.

You have until Nov. 22 to apply and the winner will be announced on Dec. 6. If you get the gig, you will receive a worksheet to complete for each movie as you watch. You must watch the movies and complete all worksheets by Monday, Dec. 27.


What is your favorite ’90s rom-com?

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