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This Food Dehydrator Has Almost All 5-Star Ratings On Amazon

This Food Dehydrator Has Almost All 5-Star Ratings On Amazon
Posted at 2:05 PM, Jun 13, 2022

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For centuries, our ancestors used the hot sun to dry and preserve food. Removing moisture eliminates the opportunity for bacteria to form, prolonging its shelf life. Dehydrating food also eliminates the need for added preservatives. But while dried fruits are high in fiber, bags of dehydrated foods purchased from the grocery store typically contain high amounts of added sugars. And they are expensive, too.

Owning a food dehydrator can save you money because you can buy produce in bulk at a discounted rate, then dehydrate it yourself. This allows you to eat it throughout the year. You can make a wide variety of food with a dehydrator, including banana chips, sun-dried tomatoes, homemade granola, croutons and kale chips. You can also dry herbs, create dog treats and make potpourri. It helps reduce food waste, too.

Right now, there is a highly-rated food dehydrator available on Amazon that customers seem to love. The Consori Food Dehydrator Machine has more than 12,400 global ratings and an average of 4.8 stars.

Consori Food Dehydrator

Make an abundance of dried fruits, jerky and vegetables with this food-dehydrating machine bundle, which comes with six stainless steel trays, one fruit roll sheet and a mesh screen for $159.99 and up.

All trays are dishwasher safe. Using its digital touch-control panel, you can cook foods for 48 hours at precise temperatures ranging from 95-165 degrees Fahrenheit. Simply place sliced pieces inside the appliance and set for your desired time and temperature. That’s it!

The compact design is the perfect size for resting on your kitchen countertop. You could store it between uses or leave it out year-round for easy access.

food dehydrating in Consori dehydrator
Monica L./Amazon

One reviewer referred to this machine as a “hard worker” and has been enjoying eating thinly sliced dehydrated watermelon. The user stated it’s “like eating candy” and that the machine has been “fun and productive” for homestead food preservation.

Several people commented on how quiet this kitchen appliance is. Others have said they’ve used it over and over again.

One reviewer mentioned placing tin foil on the inside bottom of the machine to catch drips and claims his meat jerky tasted better than store-bought options — plus, it’s less expensive.

“The ease of use is amazing, set the temp, set the time and forget about it until it’s done,” the customer said.

Consori Food Dehydrator
Monica L./Amazon

While this one comes recommended by users, there are other similarly well-liked products on the market like the Colzer Food Dehydrator Machine ($139.99 plus an additional $20 coupon right now) and the Magic Mill Food Dehydrator Machine (now on sale for $118.99).

Do you see yourself using a food dehydrator in the near future? If so, would you spend your time preserving fruits and vegetables, making dog treats or creating arts and crafts with it? Here are several ideas to help you get started.

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