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Flashing X on former Twitter HQ removed after violating city rules

Elon Musk posted a large flashing X sign on top of the former Twitter headquarters. It wasn't welcomed by city residents, and was quickly taken down.
Flashing X on former Twitter HQ removed after violating city rules
Posted at 10:14 PM, Jul 31, 2023

Elon Musk caused quite the stir online when images surfaced showing that he'd changed the iconic blue Twitter bird sign for a black flashing X sign. The blindingly bright installation caused a commotion for residents and lawmakers in San Francisco, and it was quickly removed. 

The social media company formerly known as Twitter is headquartered in San Francisco, where it had recently started displaying a big flashing X on its roof. 

The installation prompted city officials to launch a complaint against the company by Friday, because the new sign was installed without a necessary permit. This, they said, could pose a risk to public safety and historic preservation.

By Monday, the flashing X had been taken down, three days after its installation.

A comment in the notice of violation states the company's representative declined to give access to see the roof area in which the sign stands, but the person did explain that the X is a "temporary lighted sign for an event." 

Violations can still incur fees, no matter their length of time.

City officials aren't the only ones that had an issue with the new sign. Nearby residents complained about its extreme flashing and strobing patterns shining into their windows. Though the light was off on Saturday, residents said it resumed again on Sunday.

The new sign comes within a week of Musk's re-branding of the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. 

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