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This eye cream for dark circles has nearly 17,000 5-star reviews on Amazon

This eye cream for dark circles has more than 18,000 5-star reviews on Amazon—and it’s less than $20
Posted at 8:30 AM, Jul 12, 2023
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Puffy, dark skin under the eyes is incredibly frustrating to deal with — and those of us who suffer from this will go to great lengths to get rid of the problem so as not to look tired. That’s why we seek out eye creams for dark circles.

According to the Mayo Clinic, dark circles under your eyes are usually not a sign of a medical problem, but they can appear when you haven’t had enough sleep. Sometimes dark circles are shadows under your eyes from puffy eyelids or hollows that develop as you age. Other causes include allergies, atopic and contact dermatitis, heredity, sun exposure and rubbing or scratching your eyes. Dark circles may also be the result of pigmentation or underlying redness.

Luckily, eye creams for erasing dark circles exist and they’re designed to leave you feeling like your beautiful self. Companies combine brightening products with ingredients like vitamin C, hydroquinone and kojic acid to counteract the effects of pigmentation. If dark circles are caused by underlying redness or puffiness, ingredients like caffeine and vitamin K can be helpful, too.

Retinol is a powerhouse ingredient that has been shown to even out skin tone over time and stimulate the production of collagen, making the skin less thin and improving the appearance of dark circles. It can reduce fine lines and wrinkles and even treat blemishes.

If you’re looking for something that uses retinol to help improve your skin, this RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream for dark circles might be the solution. It has more than 18,000 5-star reviews on Amazon and right now costs less than $15!


This retinol-packed eye cream, currently on  Prime Day sale for just $14.21 on Amazon, is formulated for the thin, fragile skin under the eye.

The manufacturer says it has been clinically proven to instantly smooth the appearance of lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet and can visibly reduce dark circles and puffiness in four weeks. With 12 weeks of use, RoC promises the product can reduce the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet by 50%.

RoC Retinol Correxion is packaged in an opaque tube that limits exposure to light and air, which should help preserve the formula without losing integrity.

Use it in the morning and at night after cleansing and before moisturizing.


In addition to adding an eye cream for dark circles to your beauty arsenal, certain lifestyle changes can help as well. Sleeping well, adding a few extra pillows under your head, making sure you are hydrated and watching your salt intake are also worth considering.

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