Things you should never tell police officers, according to Bangor, Maine's police department

Posted at 10:57 AM, Nov 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-28 10:57:11-05

It can be easy to forget, but behind the badge, fancy hat and flashing lights, police officers are just like the rest of us.

They like trying out the latest internet crazes or watching funny videos, and none of them like hearing the same old, unoriginal jokes all day long.

That's why the Bangor Police Department in Maine posted on Sunday night guidelines of things we shouldn't tell cops when we run into them in public. 

They include things like:

  • Blurting out, "I didn't do it!";
  • Its variation of pointing at a friend and shouting, "He/She did it!";
  • Telling kids police will arrest them for throwing a temper tantrum;
  • Professing your extreme or nonexistent level of inebriation;
  • And swearing that you didn't speed today.

"We are not thinking that you are a bad person when we show up in the fast food line with you. We think you are hungry. It's all good. We're hungry too," the department wrote on Facebook.

They shared some pro tips of conversation starters to try the next time you're waiting in line beside one of your city's finest.

  1. "Hello"
  2. "How are you today?"
  3. "Could you give me directions to _______?"
  4. "How 'bout those Reds, Bengals, Cyclones, actors in this year's Aronoff Center production of Wicked, etc.?"
  5. "Could you help me get to my car? It's slippery, and I am not doing well today."
  6. "Are you going to eat all those fries?"
  7. "You are not wearing too much Old Spice today."

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