Pete Davidson to briefly ride into space on Blue Origin rocket later this month

Pete Davidson actor
Posted at 10:44 AM, Mar 14, 2022

Actor and comedian Pete Davidson will soon fly into space on a Blue Origin rocket, the company announced Monday.

Davidson, a longtime Saturday Night Live cast member and star of films like "The King of Staten Island" and "Suicide Squad," will join five other space travelers in a flight that will take place on March 23.

In recent weeks, Davidson has garnered tabloid headlines for his relationship with Kim Kardashian and the ensuing feud that's developed between him and Kardashian's ex-husband, Ye.

Davidson is just the latest celebrity to fly into space on a Blue Origin rocket. Others include Good Morning America host and former NFL star Michael Strahan, Star Trek actor William Shatner — who is now the oldest person to travel to space — and Blue Origin and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who was part of the company's first manned flight to space last summer.

Blue Origin's space flights blast travelers off from a launchpad in West Texas and take them about 60 miles above Earth's atmosphere. The trips take about 10 minutes.

Joining Davidson on the flight are two CEOs, Marty Allen and Marc Hagle, Sharon Hagle, the founder of nonprofit SpaceKids Global, entrepreneur and explorer Jim Kitchen and Dr. George Nield, the founder of Commercial Space Technologies, LLC and the former associate administrator for the Federal Aviation Administration Office of Commercial Space Transportation.