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Smooth Hound Smith's tear-in-your-beer fervor
Smooth Hound Smith's tear-in-your-beer fervor
Posted at 10:10 AM, Apr 07, 2017
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CINCINNATI -- The power trio has met its match in Nashville’s Smooth Hound Smith. The duo consisting of guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Zack Smith and singer/percussionist Caitlin Doyle makes a righteous noise with a boot-stompin’, tear-in-your-beer fervor that earned them a spot opening for the Dixie Chicks last summer.

The pair released their second indie album, Sweet Tennessee Honey — featuring guest vocals from Dixie Chick Natalie Maines — last January, and, as usual, they’ve been hitting the road hard to promote it. Drawing comparisons to everyone from fellow power duos the White Stripes and Shovels & Rope to Little Big Town and Jack Johnson, Smith and Doyle credit the eclectic musical soundtrack of their youths for the genesis of their unique approach.

Growing up on everything from the Grateful Dead, Brazilian samba and Ray Charles to Paul Simon and Tom Petty, the married couple fold it all in to a sound that incorporates blues, country swing, folk and rock on songs such as the propulsive “Stopgap Woman Blues.” Other tracks on Honey — which was funded by fan donations — such as “Knockin’ At My Door” and “She Calls Me Daddy” are more straightforward Nashville shuffles, while “Gettin’ Around” will bend the ear of alt-country fans of acts such as Lucinda Williams.

It’s been a long road filled with truck stop burritos and countless hours in a vans, but the once-in-a-lifetime chance to graduate from Waffle Houses and farmer’s markets to arenas with the Chicks last year has definitely put them on an upward trajectory.

With more than 100,000 miles on the odometer to get to 500+ shows in 30 states over the past three years, Smith and Doyle have paid their dues and you can hear the heartache and struggle all over their live performances courtesy of Smith’s booming foot percussion, expressive picking, wailing harmonica and distorted vocals and Doyle’s sweet harmonies and wicked tambourine action. We’re excited to have them visit the Lounge Acts studio for a live session before their gig at the Southgate House Revival.

Come on out and see them before the rest of the world catches on!

Smooth Hound Smith

The Southgate House Revival - Revival Room
111 East 6th St.
Newport, KY, 41071

Saturday, April 8th
Doors 8 p.m., show 8:30 p.m.

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