WCPO Lounge Acts: Frenship's 80s-inspired, high-energy electro-pop

Frenship perform stripped-down for Lounge Acts
Frenship perform stripped-down for Lounge Acts
Posted at 5:04 PM, Jun 03, 2017
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Listen to Frenship perform live and chat with host Austin Fast in the podcast player above.

There are big ships and small ships, but the best of all is Frenship! This Los Angeles-based electro-pop duo met selling stretchy ladies’ garments at Lululemon and experimented with their sound before honing in on the ’80s-inspired, high-energy dual vocals that now define them.

James Sunderland and Brett Hite’s single “Capsize” went viral in June 2016, streaming more than 18 million times on Spotify within a month of its release and earning a nod as a contender for Spotify's Song of the Summer.

Watch Frenship perform a stripped down version of their hit "Capsize" for WCPO Lounge Acts.

“Once the song came out and we started playing concerts, we realized how big it had become because the houses were packed and everyone was singing along,”Hitetold The Fairfax Times. “We had this big song and we weren’t really prepared for it.”

By the time Frenship released its debut EP “Truce" anddroppedthe videoin September, Capsize was (unfortunately) on its way to being named amongBillboard’s20 most underrated pop songs of the year. Goingplatinumjust two weeks back, though, may bring some consolation.

Frenship dropped by the WCPO Lounge Saturday to perform a stripped-down set and chat before performing at Bunbury Music Festival.

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