Expect 'wildly cathartic live show' from Mexican garage punk rockers Le Butcherettes at Taft Theatre

Le Butcherettes debut two new songs for their WCPO Lounge Acts session. Listen to the session in the player above.

Mexican-American songwriter Teresa Suarez Cosio made a name for herself performing splattered in blood, most often fake but apparently once a real pig’s blood at a Mexico City gig in 2009. Despite the swine flu epidemic raging at the time. Despite, well … blood. 

It paid off, though, quickly leading to tours with big-name acts like The Flaming Lips, Iggy Pop and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Much of the garage punk band's inspiration, including its French-sounding name, comes from outrage about women's treatment in Mexico and the horrors of female circumcision.

"'Les' is a mangled word. The (removed] 'S' stands for the 'sex' that has been amputated, (leaving) the band name incomplete … All of this is a metaphor for female mutilation that still occurs, yet we choose to turn an eye, because it is not a reality in some people’s worlds; thus it does not exist.” Westword reports from Suarez's hometown of Denver.

Watch Le Butcherettes performing a new song titled "Malcolm" for WCPO Lounge Acts

It’s not all feminist angst though for 26-year-old Suarez, who performs under the alter-ego Teri Gender-Bender. NPR’s Tiny Desk describes her as a curious, engaging young woman who transforms "from a soft-spoken and insightful person into a rock 'n' roll beast on a dime." She even confessed to The Los Angeles Times that she sometimes worries fans expect ever-more-outrageous onstage antics and feels occasional “guilt that her rock ’n’ roll activism isn’t yet changing the world.”

Le Butcherettes have swapped out quite a few members and dropped three albums over the past decade, but Alejandra Robles Luna on drums and Riko Rodríguez-López on bass guitar now round out Suarez’s vocals and guitar.

Set list:

  • Malcolm (unreleased)
  • Spider Ways (unreleased)
  • La Uva
  • Sold Less Than Gold
  • [interview]
  • Shave the Pride

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