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Colorado-based Slow Caves brings beachy, garage rock musings to WCPO Lounge Acts

Slow Caves' surf rock sound comes to Lounge Acts
Slow Caves' surf rock sound comes to Lounge Acts
Posted at 9:00 AM, Jun 07, 2017
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Listen to Slow Caves perform and chat in the podcast player above.

The Colorado-based quartet Slow Caves offers a relaxed and surfy update to '80s synth, '90s jangle and early 2000s indie rock on its EP Desert Minded, which dropped in March on Cincinnati's own Old Flame Records.

Danish-born brothers Jakob and Oliver Mueller handle vocals and guitars, rounded out by their childhood friends David Dugan on guitar/bass and Jackson Lamperes on the drums.

You'd swear the music video for "Glares" was yanked off reel-to-reel film footage they found at a thrift store, but they captured the fuzzy, nostalgic-looking scenes last summer on the final day of a trip across the pond in Denmark.

"We wanted the video to reflect how we are as a band internally, and kind of give people a taste of what it’s like to hang out with us. So, we handed the camera to our cousins, Kristian and Martin, and just kind of goofed around," the band told New Noise Magazine, which premiered the video in April. "We shot most of the footage at their school in Silkeborg (where Oliver and Jakob were born). The scenery there is unreal. We think the vibe of the video matches the song and our personalities really well.”

Slow Caves stopped by WCPO Lounge Acts to perform a couple songs from their new EP and and a couple new unreleased songs.

Set list:

  • Desert Minded 
  • 2 Hrs! 
  • Girlfriend/Boyfriend (unreleased)
  • Speaking in Tongues (unreleased)

They're playing with Moonbeau at 9 p.m. Wednesday at MOTR Pub in Over-the-Rhine (1345 Main St.). The concert is free.


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