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ArtsWave helping artists, organizations apply for ARP funding Thursday

Posted at 6:40 AM, Jul 08, 2021

CINCINNATI — ArtsWave is holding a virtual workshop Thursday evening to help local artists and art organizations apply for funding the organization received through the American Rescue Plan.

The City of Cincinnati received $8 million through the ARP, and the city allocated those funds to ArtsWave to help support local artists.

“It’s such a huge part of our economy, not to mention the social impact that the arts have in our community," Ray Gargano, the vice president of community investments at ArtsWave, said. "By investing in the arts sector now we’re just going to continue that thriving arts community here.”

Any nonprofit arts organization in the city can apply for this funding, and the application is separated into three categories: performing arts, film and community arts centers.

The funding was also earmarked so community arts centers will receive $6 million, a million dollars will go towards museums and art galleries and the last million will go towards performances and special events.

The amount of money organizations will receive depends on how much they lost due to the pandemic as well as their pre-pandemic budget.

"We’re still treading in waters to see what’s gonna be successful and who’s gonna need help," Gargano said. "I was on a call with one of the museums and they quoted that the museums are at about 15% capacity back which is less than we had hoped."

The virtual workshop begins at 4 p.m., and you can sign up for the workshop here.