Hey Adrian Grenier, here's where to run in Cincy

Posted at 11:35 AM, Oct 05, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-05 11:35:52-04

CINCINNATI — Adrian Grenier, if you're looking for places to run while you're in Cincinnati filming "Marauders," let me help. 

During Thursday's press conference on the film, you asked for route ideas, and as a fellow runner, my ears perked up.

No one probably told you that the Queen City was made for running, especially down along the Ohio River. The parks lining the Ohio side of the riverfront and the bridges that crisscross into Kentucky make for some spectacular viewing while pounding the pavement.

Here are some places to get in a few miles when you're not chasing bank robbers on set as FBI Agent Wells.

The Bridges Run

This route gives you a bit of everything, and it can be modified for shorter distances by leaving out a bridge or two. You’ll get to run across the historic Roebling Suspension Bridge, a precursor to the Brooklyn Bridge that offers a great overview of Smale Riverfront Park on the Cincinnati side. Then there's the Purple People Bridge, a pedestrian span that highlights the communal spirit of Cincinnati and our impulse to preserve old things to stay connected. Also, there's a little loop through Covington’s Licking Riverside Historic District that's pretty spectacular.

(Click on the icons in the top-left corner and grey buttons in each map to see information about places along the route.)


The 6-Mile Park Run

We’re quite proud of our revitalized riverfront, and rightly so. This six-mile out-and-back will take you through Theodore M. Berry Friendship Park, Sawyer Point Park, Yeatman’s Cove and the newest park addition, Smale Riverfront Park. Do the full route and you’ll get to see the Bengals and Reds stadiums, along with Longworth Hall. As an added bonus, there are a lot of plaques that share the city’s history; check them out if you need to stop and catch your breath. And water fountains and public restrooms dot the entire route.


The Big One

If you want a challenge, this run is it. Start on the Ohio side of the river, cross the Roebling Suspension Bridge and prepare to climb. This is Cincinnati, after all: Hills are pretty much unavoidable. However, the payoff is the view. After ascending a switch-back road for about a mile, you’ll see the Queen City’s skyline in its full glory from atop Devou Park in Covington.