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Game of Thrones podcasters join WCPO's biggest GoT fans to chat about the upcoming series finale

Who will sit on the Iron Throne?
Posted at 7:52 PM, May 15, 2019

In the eight years since its premiere on HBO, "Game of Thrones" has blossomed from a cult fantasy hit to a TV mega-series reigning over 17 million viewers each week. Now, with days to go until the final episode of the entire series, questions abound.

Who will sit on the Iron Throne? Why did the showrunners make certain decisions about certain characters? Does King's Landing homeowner's insurance cover dragon attacks? Is Bran being unhelpful on purpose, or is it just a Three-Eyed Raven thing?

Answering and often posing those questions are Jim Jones and A. Ron Hubbard from Game of Thrones podcastby Bald Move.

As it turns out, the minds behind perhaps the premiere fan podcast on Game of Thrones live right here in Cincinnati. We asked them to pop into our studios to talk about how they got started, what they are up to now and, of course, their thoughts on this season so far and what they expect will happen in the final episode.

Asking the questions of Jones and Hubbard are Tanya O’Rourke, Kristen Swilley and Kennan Oliphant. By day, these three work in the news department at WCPO, but each Sunday, they are the biggest GoT fans around.

Watch their conversation in the video player above.