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Full Throttle's new 'Smash Room' lets people go full-on 'Office Space,' m-yeah

Posted at 3:29 PM, Aug 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-27 07:55:28-04

CINCINNATI — Perhaps your favorite red stapler is missing or your boss just scolded you for forgetting the coversheet with your last TPS report, m-yeah.

Basically, work has you frustrated and wanting to smash that squeaky copy machine – just like the guys in the classic 1999 comedic film “Office Space.”

Say hello to Smash Room, "a safe and controlled environment for people to get their adrenaline pumping by smashing everyday objects to pieces by themselves or with their friends and then not have to clean up the mess afterwards."

That's how co-owner Kenton Noran describes the rooms that recently opened at both Full Throttle Indoor Karting’s Florence and Springdale locations.

"We are currently up and running and taking reservations and walk-ins for the smash room," Noran stated in a press release.

He added that during a Smash Room session, people will be able to throw "glass bottles at the floor, smash a keyboard against the wall or take a sledge hammer to a printer, all in the name of fun without consequences."

A basic "Bring Your Own Stuff" smash session costs $25 per person. Participants are welcome to bring their own items, which must fit in a large cardboard box that can be carried unassisted into the room to destroy.

Or for $30 per person, Full Throttle will provide one large electronic and 10 fragile items to obliterate for what it calls an "Entry Smash."

Then there is the $40-per-person "Premium Smash" experience, which includes everything in the "Entry Smash" PLUS five more items ranging from bigger items to unique objects to break.

All three sessions allows up to four people, who must be 18 or older, to destroy things together.

The cost of each Smash Room package also includes fitted personal protective equipment and a brief safety briefing before the destruction begins. Each Smash Room location also sells additional items not included in a visitor's basic package to destroy during a session, according to the Full Throttle website.

Smash Room sessions last about 10 minutes and include an “aftermath" picture before destroyed items are disposed of by staff.

Both the Tri-County Full Throttle location at 11725 Commons Drive in Springdale and the new Northern Kentucky store at 24 Spiral Drive in Florence also feature axe throwing and full bars, along with indoor go-kart tracks.

For more information visit www.gofullthrottle.com.