New nanobrewery aims to open in N. Ky. in 2016

Posted at 8:06 AM, Oct 12, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-12 08:06:30-04

DAYTON, Ky. -- The craft brewing scene is starting to heat up in Northern Kentucky as a new nanobrewery comes to light.

Owner Michael Schuler announced last Tuesday that he plans to open Subculture Brewing in Dayton.

Schuler leased a property at 509 Sixth Street and hopes to open shop in early 2016.

In staying true to the brewery’s namesake, Schuler said he hopes Subculture will feature a diverse atmosphere and following.

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“Subculture isn't just a name; it's a way of life. I know that sounds corny but I truly believe I wouldn't be who or where I am today without the subcultures I've been part of throughout my life,” Schuler said. “It's about doing your own thing and not just following the mainstream. What makes us different makes us great and I want to celebrate that. I want the brewery to engage different groups throughout the Tri-State and most importantly encourage people to be who they are, not what society tells them to be.”

Schuler is pricing out brewhouse systems but said he is primarily looking for a 3 bbl. (barrels) brewhouse system and hopes to produce about 150 bbls. in his first year. After that, he expects production to top out at about 500 bbl. per year before any sort of expansion.

The taproom space is about 2,500 square feet over two floors and should have capacity for almost 100 people. Schuler said the first floor will be the main seating area and the second will be used as a lounge-like space with a videogame console.

Once the brewery is open, Schuler said he plans on having eight taps. Most of those will be Subculture Brewing beers but he may serve guest beers as needed.

Much like other nanobreweries in the area, Subculture will start with limited hours but will expand dates as demand and production allow.

Subculture will also feature a “small batch” tap list with a focus on variety.

“… I love variety so you can expect a lot of that. No flagships at first. I like to make historical styles, food-inspired styles, and styles you can't get everywhere,” Schuler said.

The nascent brewer said if there are some favorite beers people have, those might make it into rotation more often but he aims to constantly have new beers on tap.

Schuler got his start as a homebrewer in 2008 and has been active with the Northern Kentucky Homebrewers Guild for the past several years.

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“Homebrewing was always a creative outlet for me that I could share with family and friends and I've had a desire to take that to broader audience since 2010 -- that's when I started writing the business plan,” Schuler said.

He said he came to know the Braxton Brewing team through the guild and they have been helpful in developing his project.

While Schuler got his start as a homebrewer, he has also worked with some production breweries in the past.

He said he has brewed his recipes on a large scale at Cellar Dweller and Tap & Screw in Ohio. If fans want to get a preview of his beers, his Kentucky Common Ale will be available at Tap & Screw’s TapFest in November.

Even after Subculture gets started Schuler plans to work at his day job. He said he will evaluate that once he can start selling beer and sees what demand is.

For more information on Subculture Brewing, click here for its Facebook, Twitter and web pages.

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