Bobbing apples: Cidergeist cans coming to market

Posted at 10:48 AM, Oct 02, 2015

CINCINNATI -- Just in time for fall weather, Rhinegeist is set to release its new ciders in stores.

The two cider options are already on tap at the brewery itself, but will be in stores the week of Oct. 5.

The semi-dry and dry-hopped ciders will be released in 12 oz. cans in Kentucky, Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus.

Rhinegeist said it will start releasing the ciders to draft accounts the week of Oct. 12.

A quick look at the new Cidergeist cans.

The Over-the-Rhine-based brewers said offering a cider option will allow them to “play in a lighter and drier zone than beer is able to achieve.”

While the initial push into the market will be strong, Rhinegeist owners said they want to gauge the public’s thirst for cider before coming up with new flavors. Co-founder Bryant Goulding said they are also working hard to source all the juice they can get.

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The ciders are made with juice sourced from the Pacific Northwest and deliver a taste that is “refreshingly dry with just a shy suggestion of sweetness.”

There is a fun aspect for beer and cocktail lovers too. Mixing beer and cider is a long-standing tradition and Rhinegeist already has a few recipes in mind -- Goulding has a favorite already in fact.

A quick look at the new Cidergeist cans.

“My favorite hybrid drink is a snakebite -- cider and Panther [porter.] It's also delicious with Cougar for an apple-y splash,” Goulding said.

The first two options available to consumers are:

  • Semi Dry Hard Cider -- 6.2% ABV -- Cider fermented to amplify the fragrance and essence of the apple whilst achieving a delightful, lip smacking dryness.
  • Dry Hopped Hard Cider -- 6.2% ABV -- Dry as a bone cider that’s dry-hopped with Centennial hops for a kick of citrus that adds a delicious hoppy dimension.

The company released a statement about the move saying, “There is nothing more refreshing than biting into a freshly picked, crisp apple and our ciders are created to deliver that experience with the crack of a can.”

For more information on Rhinegeist’s new ciders, fans can check out its website , Facebook and Twitter pages.

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