9 things you didn't know about 'Marauders'

Posted at 11:19 AM, Oct 02, 2015
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CINCINNATI — They wanted to say thanks for your hospitality and class, Cincinnati.

The director, actors and producers for the movie “Marauders,” currently filming in the Queen City, gathered in a production office in Carew Tower on Thursday to do just that as they continue to shoot their bank heist movie.

“We’re thankful for the film office that brings us here and the incentives that the state provides,” said Randall Emmett, a producer with the film. 

Emmett, along with actors Chris Meloniof "Wet Hot American Summer" and “Law & Order SVU” fame, Adrian Grenier from “Entourage,” Johnathon Schaechwho appears in ABC's “Quantico,” director Steven C. Miller and producer Tim Sullivan said their way to show their gratitude was to share their thoughts on Cincinnati and a little information about the movie.

Here are some new details they revealed about themselves, their stay in the Queen City and the film.

Miller and Emmett confirmed that Bruce Willis, who plays the owner of the bank that gets robbed, is finished with his portion of the shoot. “Bruce and I have a real good time working together,” said Miller, who filmed “Extraction” with Willis before work on “Marauders” began last Friday.

Cincinnati is Cincinnati in this film. Yes, that’s right. There’s no standing in for New York or some other town in this film. Schaech revealed he’s playing Cincinnati Police Detective Mims in the movie. The news also creates the chance that "Marauders" could premiere here.

"Marauders" is a homecoming for one cast member. Schaech also let slip that Notre Dame Academy graduate AlyshiaOchsehas been cast to play his wife, Jill. She will film her scenes toward the end of the shoot. (NDA is an all-girls Catholic school located in Park Hills, Kentucky.) Ochse has had roles in 2013’s “Parker,” starring Jason Statham, and 2014’s “The Other Woman,” starring Cameron Diaz.

“Marauders” is the second movie Meloni has filmed in Ohio in less than six months. The actor filmed another upcoming movie, “I Am Wrath,” alongside John Travolta in Columbus. Meloni also noted that he worked on a project on the Underground Railroad and said he plans to visit the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center soon. “So, you should be very proud of that (the center and Underground Railroad),” Meloni remarked.

Meloni's character, Agent Montgomery, is “an FBI agent with a dark experience in his past,” the actor said. Meloni also alluded to some decision or reckoning his character will have to face in the course of “Marauders.”


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The Eagle OTR also got a shout-out. First, Meloni says he loved the steaks here. Hat-tip to you, Jeff Ruby. He also said he found the chicken at The Eagle to be delicious.

“We’re using the city. We’re using everything.” That was the enthusiastic response that director Miller gave when asked to describe how Cincinnati fit into the tone of the movie he has often described with words like “grit” and also made passing comparison to David Fincher’s dark police drama, “Se7en.” Miller's favorite spots in the city for the film so far are Dixie Terminal and the old brewery tunnels in Over-the-Rhine.

Adrian Grenier plays Meloni’s junior partner, Agent Wells, in “Marauders.” Grenier said what makes acting in the film so interesting is that at the beginning of the story, there are definitely good guys and bad guys, but things get complicated quickly. We’ve already been told, for instance, that the bank robbers the FBI agents are pursuing give their loot away to charity, and that Willis’ character might have a few skeletons in the old bank vault.

Oh, and Grenier is a runner. He’s looking for a few routes to run while here. Adrian, you’ve come to the right place.