Reporter Ally Kraemer counting down the days to her wedding

Posted at 6:00 AM, Aug 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-16 10:45:36-04

9 On Your Side reporter Ally Kraemer got engaged in November. She has been writing about her wedding planning experiences leading up to her wedding on Aug. 19: the good, the bad and the bridezilla. (Just kidding!)

CINCINNATI -- I’m going to be a wife in three days!

Yes, I’m still wrapping my head around the fact that I’m going to have a husband. I’m giddy about the wedding, but I’m going to do my best to slow things down so we can savor every moment.

The bachelorette party

Ally Kraemer met a group of her Kappa Kappa Gamma sisters in Las Vegas for a long bachelorette party weekend. (Provided)

I was desperate for a break from wedding planning, and the bachelorette party came just in time!

I met 11 of my Kappa Kappa Gamma sisters in Las Vegas for a long weekend.

We shopped at some incredible outlets, laid by some fancy pools and ate at some phenomenal restaurants. My favorite was Giada in the Cromwell; I highly recommend it!

The best part was just being able to walk through all of the hotels. They are like little cities inside of a city.

My fiance went to Vegas for his bachelor party two weeks after me. It sounds like his trip was full of gambling and late night Denny’s. That’s all I really need to know.

Last-minute appointments

Ally Kraemer shows off her false eyelashes. (Provided)

The moment I got back from Las Vegas, it was back to a whirlwind of hair appointments, flower arrangements and makeup trials. My makeup trial with Jenn Simpson of Moxxie Makeup was the best -- I rocked the false eyelashes all weekend. (Doesn’t everybody just feel glamorous with falsies?)

I also feel more prepared after talking to my photographer and the wedding planner, though I’m sure a few last-minute calls are coming.

The rehearsal dinner

More last-minute changes! We wanted to have a casual rehearsal dinner at my parents’ house -- so casual that Jake wanted to have catered Chipotle and hang by the pool.

I was all about that life, but hosting 35 people the day before the wedding was a little daunting for my mom. So just weeks ago, we threw together a party at the Terrace Park Country Club. They really made it so easy to plan on the fly. I’m so grateful for the staff there!

Now we (and my parents) can sit back and enjoy a bit more, and my glittery decorations won’t go to waste!

The seating chart

Yes, I made one of those posterboard seating charts with Post-it notes so I can move guests around.

This was NOT easy. Whom do my parents want to sit with? Can Uncle Mark sit with my college friends? Does my niece need a seat or will she just be running around? (She’s the only kid allowed for that very reason.) And eight people have to sit at the table in the corner.

I know it’s not the greatest spot. I love you all, but someone has to sit there.

I had a few guests ask to bring dates at the last second. Sure, I had to rearrange and reprint place cards. But my guests are important to me, and if bringing someone special is important to them, then by all means, bring a guest! 

The programs

Ally Kraemer wil wrap ribbon around her wedding programs. (Provided)

The programs still are not done as I write this. I was going to do a simple little card, but I had so much more I wanted to say.

I ended up making these super cute pamphlets from an Etsy template. But I have to tie roughly 120 pink ribbons on them. I love ribbon and bows, just not at this current moment.

I know most people will leave them in their chairs, and as long as I don’t see them get tossed in the garbage, I’ll be fine.

The ceremony

I inadvertently put off planning the actual ceremony. But we finally sat down with our officiant, Steve Hoffman, who performed the ceremony for my brother and sister-in-law. It’s special that he married them and will marry us.

After meeting with Steve we both feel so much better about the ceremony -- we have actual plans now!

I have two great friends reading during the ceremony and choosing the readings was really hard. So I delegated that to my friends. They know Jake and I really well, and I know they’ll pick something that is meaningful and represents our relationship.

What’s next

The wedding! I have a few days off before the wedding and a few days after.

We’re waiting a few weeks to honeymoon, so I’ll be sure to share photos when we catch our breath.

Thank you for all of your advice and kind words. I truly loved hearing from you!