$30 & Under: National Lobster Day is the perfect excuse for a Downtown seafood stop

Can local lobster pass our $30 and Under test?
Can local lobster pass our $30 and Under test?
Can local lobster pass our $30 and Under test?
Posted at 8:00 AM, Jun 15, 2017
and last updated 2018-05-03 14:56:58-04

Welcome to $30 & Under!

No long food reviews here. Just the essentials on where to find the best local eats to blow your mind, but not your budget. Twice a month, we challenge our team of foodies to scour the town for the best bites for two under $30. This is their latest discovery.

This Week's Find: Court Street Lobster Bar

Why we love it: When this Downtown lobster shack started slinging seafood in April, it filled a gap in Cincinnati’s culinary scene begging for fresh ocean fare. National Lobster Day comes but once a year (June 15), so we wanted to stretch our limits at $30 and Under to see whether this luxurious ocean delicacy also suits our wallets.

The verdict? Nobody’s going to leave feeling like they’ve feasted at Golden Corral, but you can wedge in a light meal for two at $30.

Quarter-pound lobster rolls come in cold Maine and hot Connecticut styles with housemade slaw at $18, well below New England prices. We split one along with a $9 order of poutine featuring polenta fries stacked with lobster chunks, savory gravy and cheddar curds. If you come Monday night, you’ll get $2 beers to wash it all down.

The lobster mac and cheese, lobster grilled cheese and charred corn chowder are all reasons to return post-haste even when it’s not an imaginary food holiday.