Cablers go nuts on Ebola panic, comedians roast them

Posted at 2:23 PM, Oct 20, 2014

Sometimes serious journalism just isn’t up to the job. And sometimes, even punditry with attitude can’t muster enough attitude. That is why God invented comedians.

We need these people now more than ever, as American media, especially cable and local TV, freak out over Ebola. The smell of higher ratings must be in the air because the combination of panic and willful brainlessness has reached Defcon 3.  As The New Yorker reported in The Borowitz Report, “An Ohio man has become infected with misinformation about the Ebola virus through casual contact with cable news, the Centers for Disease Control has confirmed."

Piercing the great cloud of unknowing is a job for our funniest Americans. They’re up for it.

Stephen Colbert leads our coverage:


Jon Stewart adds fresh perspective:



Conan O’Brien has a more analytic approach:


And finally, Saturday Night Live and Sarah Silverman take a more personal angle: