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After devastating fire, family celebrates Christmas together

Posted at 10:45 PM, Jan 04, 2020

CINCINNATI — A Westwood family lost everything in a devastating house fire just one week before Christmas. Now, they're slowly beginning to turn things around, starting with finally celebrating Christmas together.

With the help of friends, the Jones family gathered at Gameworks in Newport, after Maslow's Army worked to help the family into new shelter and pitched in to help with the celebration.

"We wanted to offer them this time of relief from this stress that they're undergoing," said Brian Garry, chief adviser for Maslow's Army. "We wanted to offer them this time of celebration."

Felissa Jones and her five children lost everything when their Westwood apartment caught fire in the week before Christmas.

"I've been praying and taking it day by day," said Jones. "That's all I can do -- take it day by day. I don't think about the future. I can't."

Saturday night, her kids finally got to just be kids as they tore open Christmas presents from Maslow's Army and dove into the games and activities at Gameworks. The family is still searching for a new place to live, after spending time staying with the Red Cross and, now, at a shelter.

"I've been through a lot," said Jones. "And what I always try to do is teach my kids, no matter who lets you down, don't give up."

The family has to replace nearly everything from the apartment, including furniture and personal items. Jones said she's overall thankful that's all they lost in the blaze.

"I thank God I did not go to bed," she said. "I could've been burned up. My kids could've lost their mother. I could've lost my children."