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This mom has kids in both the UC band and the Alabama band ahead of College Football Playoff game

Christopher and Noah Moorhouse, brothers who are UC and Alabama band members
Posted at 1:40 PM, Dec 23, 2021

CINCINNATI — Months ago, Cincinnati band mom Micheline Moorhouse put something into the universe about her two sons.

Christopher Moorhouse plays for the Million Dollar Band at the University of Alabama.

Noah Moorhouse is a University of Cincinnati Bearcat, part of a lineage that includes his grandpa and mother.

They both play the alto saxophone.

UC Band Director Chris Nichter recalled a conversation he had with Micheline about her boys.

“The mom had approached me at the end of band camp and said, ‘It would be my dream if the two of them could appear at the same game in their bands.’ We laughed,” said Nichter, “And said, 'It would be one heck of a season if we play Alabama.'”

The heck-of-a-season happened. That means Micheline proudly showed up to the interview for this story in a “band mom” shirt with helmets from both teams.

“So I have a 'Bama boy who’s a senior…and I have my UC Bearcat Band boy who is a sophomore,” laughed Micheline.

The divide makes her Switzerland – neutrally cheering on both schools’ teams because of her sons.

“High school was the only time I had both of my boys on the same field... Then after high school, it was kind of sad," she said. "I never got to see them together on the field again.”

And that’s why the trip to the Cotton Bowl is going to be so special for her and the whole family.

Make no mistake, though, Christopher and Noah are competitive in a brotherly way.

The whole season they called each other every Saturday to take stock of the football situation, discuss how close they were to seeing their mom’s dream come true.

“We would call after every football game, and be like, ‘OK, this is what needs to happen now,’” laughed Christopher Moorhouse, “And there was always a little trash talk. Like, ‘Oh, your team didn’t play like a playoff team.’”

Christopher Moorhouse, a member of the Alabama band
Christopher Moorhouse, a member of the Alabama band from Cincinnati

He and brother Noah said it brought them closer together.

“This kinda whole football season was something we could come together and talk forever about,” Noah said.

Noah Moorhouse, a member of the UC Bearcats band
Noah Moorhouse, a member of the UC Bearcats band

Now they’re talking about who’s going to win with a hope they see each other on the sidelines at AT&T Stadium when they travel to the Dallas area for the big game on New Year's Eve. Kickoff is at 3:30 p.m. on ESPN.

Micheline captured the spirit of their unique family adventure with a special cheer.

She said, “Go Cats! Roll Tide! I’m saying both at the same time.”

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