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This Cat Totally Stole The Show As Wedding’s Ring Bearer

This Cat Totally Stole The Show As Wedding’s Ring Bearer
Posted at 2:45 PM, Sep 28, 2021

When a wedding party member posted about his job escorting the ring bearer down the aisle, it didn’t involve holding a small child’s hand, though it did involve a stroller. A cat stroller, that is.

“Home from a wedding where my job was to escort the ring bearer,” tweeted Richard Scott Larson at @larsonrichard, the brother-in-law of bride Diana Gonzalez, on Sept. 5, He posted a photo of a regal-looking cat wearing a faux tuxedo tie and collar while perched inside a pet stroller decorated with flowers.

The 6-year-old short-hair cat named Moose is one of two felines owned by Gonzalez and her new husband, Nick Donatelli. They also have a new Siamese kitten named Lily. Both cats have a shared Instagram account.

However, Lily did not get to take a stroll down the aisle at her parents’ New Jery nuptials as she was deemed too young. And she seemed a bit affronted by the decision, as shown in this post.

Larson reported that Moose seemed bored during the wedding ceremony but otherwise lapped up all the attention like it was a very fine milk, according to a post from Larson answering a Twitter question from @OhMotherMurphy1.

When Larson’s tweet started going viral, cat fans commented on how prepared for his role and dignified Moose seemed.

“If I took things as half as seriously as that cat takes his responsibilities, I’d probably be a lot more successful,” said  Twitter user SmokeyFrog at @Frodog5.

Twitter users even shared fan art, like @SmockzyLiu’s cartoon of the kitty looking dignified and macho at the same time.

And this portrait of Moose from artist @Akta00earthworm holding the wedding ring displays his Lord Grantham-esque qualities.

Gonzalez said Moose appeared very happy to be at the wedding: “My little man did well. Best part was hearing his happy meows during our vows. ‘Hooray! That’s my mommy and daddy!’ said Moose.”

Moose was picked as ring bearer since the bride and groom chose to keep their guest list child-free, but wanted to include their own fur babies.

After the wedding, while Moose’s and Lily’s humans were on their honeymoon, the two cats enjoyed time at home with their grandparents.

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