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You Can Now Buy Keto Cheesecake And Cookie Dough Bites

You Can Now Buy Keto Cheesecake And Cookie Dough Bites
Posted at 7:30 AM, Oct 02, 2020

If you’re following a keto diet or simply cutting down on carbs, the list of food you can’t have sometimes seem longer than the list of what you’re allowed to eat. While bread and pasta are an obvious no-no for a low-carb diet, you also can’t have most desserts, as they are loaded with sugar.

Luckily, many brands are beginning to make keto desserts, such as ice cream and cake. And now, you can add cookie dough bites and cheesecake to the list. Enlightened‘s new keto cookie dough bites and keto cheesecakes are in stores nationwide and online now. Both have just 2 grams of net carbs per serving and no added sugar.

The edible cookie dough bites are gluten-free and have between 90-110 calories per serving. And yes, you can eat them raw, straight from the freezer — no baking required. They come in five flavors: chocolate chip, birthday cake, fudge, peanut butter and snickerdoodle.


The cheesecakes come in a pack of two ready-to-eat mini cheesecakes and are available in five flavors: classic, chocolate, strawberry, pumpkin and caramel chocolate.

All flavors except the caramel chocolate have a vanilla almond crust and whipped cream, while the caramel chocolate has a chocolate almond crust and is topped with chocolate chips and caramel cream. They have 180-220 calories each.


Aside from the new cheesecake bites and edible cookie dough, Enlightened also has some new seasonal ice cream flavors in their keto collection.

The Enlightened + Delish fall collection includes new pumpkin cheesecake and peppermint brownie pints, both with only 1 gram net carbs per serving. Available at retailers nationwide, the pumpkin cheesecake flavor is made with velvety pumpkin ice cream with a rich cream cheese swirl, while peppermint brownie features a merry swirl of green and red peppermint ice cream packed with fudgy brownie bites and chocolate chips.


If you’d rather make your own keto cheesecake, it’s not as complicated to do as you may think. This recipe for keto peanut butter cheesecake has only a handful of ingredients and can even be made in an Instant Pot.

Or, if you want something with fall flavors, this keto pumpkin cheesecake should do the trick. Made with powdered erythritol instead of sugar, it also calls for almond flour, pumpkin pie spice and other traditional ingredients like eggs and butter.

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