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Giant inflatable unicorn skeleton might be just what your yard needs this Halloween

Giant Inflatable Unicorn Skeleton Might Be Just What Your Yard Needs This Halloween
Posted at 12:40 PM, Aug 10, 2020

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Amid the hectic pace of 2020, Halloween is already just around the corner. Somehow, there are only a few more weeks until October, and the pandemic means that you may have more time on your hands than ever to get ready for “spooky season.” Even if you weren’t a huge holiday decorator pre-COVID, this year may be the year to finally go fully Halloween-crazy. After all, if you’re stuck at home anyway, why not turn your abode into a creepy paradise?

Convinced? Then here’s the perfect lawn decoration to set the tone for your own personal haunted house. It’s spooky, it’s whimsical, it’s adorable and it’s big enough to take over your entire front yard (but in a good way). Finally, your house will be the one that everyone stops to take photos of!

Behold: a 6-foot inflatable unicorn skeleton.


This inflatable lawn decoration looks like an undead My Little Pony in the best way possible. It’s in the shape of a black-and-white unicorn skeleton with a luscious hot pink mane and tail, plus a pink heart. Filled with LED lights, it lights up bright enough for everyone to see.

This massive unicorn is fairly easy to install, too, even if this is your first rodeo. Just plug it in, and it automatically inflates in a few minutes. The power cord is 10 feet long, allowing you to place it pretty much anywhere on your lawn, depending on how front-and-center you want it to be.

The setup also comes with six stakes, two ropes and built-in sandbags to keep your unicorn from flying away.

You can purchase the unicorn on Amazon for about $80. It’s eye-catching enough to be the only ornament on your lawn, but you could also combine it with some other spooky details, like these zombie flamingos.


When Halloween is over, you can always swap out the spooky unicorn for this grand unicorn lawn ornament that’s perfect for the holidays.

[h/t: Diply]

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