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Buy Candles That Smell Like Different Sodas

Buy Candles That Smell Like Different Sodas
Posted at 8:00 AM, Oct 29, 2020

People who love soda keep finding creative ways to use it beyond simply popping open a can and drinking it. We’ve seen it used as a secret ingredient in cupcakes, brownies, lemon cake and fudge. One company even sold Dr. Pepper Baked Beans.

However, we found another way to get your soda fix — without having to consume a single calorie. You can now buy candles that smell exactly like your favorite soda! And, of course, you can burn these candles inside the classic soda cans you know and love.

Whether you want to “do the Dew,” like the candle shown here from Etsy shop owner pic76, or opt for a candle scented like another favorite bubbly beverage, you can find just about any flavor you may crave.


The Mountain Dew candle is a soy-based candle and it comes in an upcycled can with the classic Dew design. You can choose from regular Mountain Dew or Diet Mountain Dew. The Mountain Dew candles are $10.95 each before shipping, and the shop owner indicates that up to four candles can be purchased for one shipping rate.

Dr. Pepper lovers have options, too. Etsy shop LivingTreeCandles offers this Dr. Pepper-scented candle that looks like it’s been poured into a tall, icy glass topped off with a straw.


This candle not only looks like the real thing, but it also smells just like the real thing. Unlike a real glass of Dr. Pepper, though, you’ll get between 180 and 200 hours of enjoyment from this single glass candle. Not a bad deal for $34.95.

We also found an Orange Fanta candle from VineyardCandleCo on Etsy. You can choose from three can sizes, ranging in price from $10 to $20.


These candles have the sweet orange scent that’s reminiscent of Fanta soda, but you can also choose other popular “flavors,” including Coke, grape soda, cream soda or even a strawberry margarita.

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