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Adorable bunny butter sculptures are perfect for your Easter table

Adorable Bunny Butter Sculptures Are Perfect For Your Easter Table
Posted at 9:55 AM, Mar 15, 2021

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If you’re already looking ahead to Easter dinner, you might want to consider what type of centerpiece you’ll have at the table. Will it be a gorgeous floral arrangement full of tulips, or perhaps something more interesting, like, say, a bunny sculpture made of butter?

If you’re leaning toward the latter, you’ll want to add a trip to Target to your to-do list. The retailer is selling a 4-ounce bunny sculpture made of butter from the brand Keller’s. The $3.99 sculpture is ready to eat and made to serve, so just put it in the center of your table and you’re done!

bunny butter sculpture from Target

This is not the first time Keller’s has created a butter sculpture for the holidays. In 2019, they not only gave us a turkey for Thanksgiving, but then followed that up with a Christmas tree.

Of course, you can also make your own butter sculpture, if you’re up the challenge. While traditionally made for chocolate, a plastic mold will let you create any type of sculpture you want. This bunny mold from Amazon is just $7.20, and reviewers on other molds from the same brand say they have had success using them for butter.


There are also plenty of other takes on bunny-shaped treats you can tackle for Easter.

You could start your Easter morning with these adorable bunny cinnamon rolls, and how about these easy bunny paw print cookies for dessert? If you have some extra time on your hands, you can instead make these more detailed bunny cookies, which result in the cutest little bunny butt and fluffiest tail you’ve ever seen on a cookie!


If you want to decorate your house with bunnies, there are tons of bunny decorations you can buy right online.

Amazon has tons of giant Easter inflatables for your yard, like this 4-foot-tall blue bunny or this 5-foot inflatable with the Easter bunny inside a giant basket. Bath & Body Works also has some pretty adorable Easter goodies, including a Love Every Bunny carrot cake candle, an adorable bunny Wallflower and even a sanitizer holder that makes hopping bunny sounds.

love every bunny candle bath & body works
Bath & Body Works

Do your Easter plans this year include bunny-shaped treats?

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